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A Blessing for School Leavers

A Blessing for School Leavers

 Said over piano music
May the notes we have been making
The notes on the piano of your life
The sharp notes, the flat notes
The black notes, the white notes
The slow notes of the boredom days
The staccato notes of the exciting days
The notes that made you stop and sing
And see yourself being made knew
And the music you came with
The jingle of childhood, the fugue of family
The serenade of love, the canticle of faith
May theses notes sing your heart like a prayer
And may they return to you when you need them
In days beyond our minuets with you
May they become a rhythm and a beat that is yours
And may God who chants the universe into being
Sing you into the melody and harmony that is you,
And may the Christ music of compassion,
And the Spirit’s air of assurance and inspiration
Be with you now and always

These young men graduated with me from junior school in the 1960s.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
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