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Benedicte South Africana

Benedicte South Africana

  • Tapestry of kneeler on Creation by Mavis Frizgerald

Benedicte South Africana

O give thanks to our God who is good:

O Love that endures forever.

Rising sun of earth’s days and nights:

in your movement of the seasons

O give thanks to our God who is good:

O Love that endures forever.

All faces of the evening moon, starlit and vacant:

playful through seas and forests,

and the tidal seasons of the month

O praise and exalt our God who is good:                               

O Love that endures forever.

 Tabled and peaked mountains,

channelling rivers to the sea:

mysterious in cloud, in mist, in snow

Tall Yellowwoods and mighty baobabs,

Erica, Protea, daisy, and winter lily fields

Wildebeest and buffalo,

soaring might of eagle:

meerkat at your watch, hills of termites

Give thanks to our God who is good:

O Love that endures forever.

Heartbeat of lion, ear of elephant:

whisper of bat and hiss of cobra

Sonar song of whale and rhythm of dolphin:

fin slap of seal: and dash of shark   

Wineland and maizeland: pear tree and date palm

O praise and exalt our God who is good:

O Love that endures forever.

All faces of the day and night,

in city, town and countryside

You in the sea side villages

You in the townships of want and promise

You in the clockwork suburbs

O pilgrims on all the paths of life

O give thanks to our God who is good:

O Love that endures forever.

All saints and martyrs of Africa

O praise and exalt our God who is good:

Bob Commin 2014

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One comment on “Benedicte South Africana

  1. anncorry says:

    How lovely is your Benedicte South Africana! Need to sing it … 🌟🌿🌼🐋🦒 Ann Corry

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