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Prayers For Children’s Christmas Service

A few years ago I wrote these introductory prayers for Christmas carol services for children, and am happy to share with others.

The first, for quite young children.

Storyteller God
Thank you for our children
Let us go with them on this wonderful Journey
Through starlit nights
Along camel ways and donkey paths,
In the company of Angels and Wise men
Through the dark night of Herod,
To a stable of cattle and sheep
Where Mary and Joseph,
The light of all mothers and fathers,
Look adoringly on their new born babe.
This holy child, lovingly present for us.
And let us bow and worship.


Bob Commin

The second, for a school Congregation, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Preparatory Christmas Prayers

Dear Lord Jesus
At this time when the jacarandas are in bloom
and pavements are carpeted in blue
when gardens are alive with activity and colour
we remember your birth
in the stable of Bethlehem,
amongst sheep and oxen,
shepherds and wise men,
we see you under the stars
in the arms of Mary, your mother,
with Joseph your father standing by
And our hearts are stirred,
bells ring within us and call us to new ways
of loving and caring,
of giving and sharing.
May the music of this night
linger with us and bring us
to thy deepest joys of Christmas.

Bob Commin 2014

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