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Reflections for the Season of Easter and New life

Dear friends and followers of my blog,

We are into the Season of Easter, which began with Easter Day and which will end on the Day of Pentecost on 29 May.
I offer the following reflections for the season of Easter.

May it be a special time for you and those you love.


Easter Joy

Peter sees the early morning emptiness of the tomb. Felt the warmth of the linen cloths and moth-like pulse across his brow He is risen now. Mary looks into the darknessthe tomb of all her sadness.Firmly facing her fearsshe gazesuntil angels shimmer in dance. Mary is not mistakenthinking you to be the gardener.The earthiness of…

Meditation on Mary Magdalene and the Resurrection in John’s Gospel

Look very carefully at these two images and see how much of the story is revealed in this beautiful Illustration. Then read below how this wonderful work of art came about and search the project further. The Saint John’s Bible is the first completely handwritten and illuminated Bible which was commissioned by a Benedictine abbey…

Meditation on Mark 16

Mark 16 is a short account of the Resurrection of Jesus in which the women who had gone to the tomb to anoint his body on the third day, ( remember that they had been prevented from doing this because of the Sabbath) run away in fear. In fact the gospel ends on the preposition…

And Still I Rise 2019

May Reflection 2019 – And Still I Rise Dear Friends, Easter is a time when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and all our experiences of new life in the natural world and within ourselves on this journey of life. I love the poem by Maya Angelou, And Still I Rise. I quote the final…

Thomas the twin

Ever thought of Thomas’s twin Where doors are shut in the upper room The twins, faith and doubt Of science’s fact, of faith’s trust How the one leaps into the mystery of the other How I trust the one, deny the other But one is the mirror of the other Who is the twin I…

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