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Fun Poems for my Grandchildren and others

Alex and Oooi

Alex and Oooi

We do not sigh

We do not cry

When things are tough

When things are rough

Alex and Oooi, Alex and Oooi

We have a go, we have a try

We seek advice

We search, we spy

How others do things

Better than Oooi

And when we come through

As we always do

We have a sigh

We have a cry

We do, we do

Alex and Oooi

Alex and Oooi

Oooi is a ridiculous rendering of I and belongs to an unknown accent

The above drawings are by Alex Dean. The first one seems to be a transformer. They can morph into other mechanical things like an armoured car. His drawings have tended to be quite mechanistic. So I was surprised to see the second drawing recently. There is a much more gentle and subtle touch.

Jessie and me

Jessie and me

She loves to dance

She loves to sing

And can she swim!

She dances not me

She sings not me

She swims not me

But when she dances

Swims and sings

I am a butterfly of pure joy

 on wings

 my spirit

Sings and swims and dances

too you see

Yes, Jessie and me

Jessie and me

We are family

The lego creations are by Jessica Dean, which she did in our home few months ago. We loved the detail of her creation and its homeliness.

I need something nice
Something once
Something twice
Something after
I have fed
Something before
I go to bed

Images from Pexel with much thanks and from top to bottom: pexels-anna-shvets-3845458. pexels-valeria-boltneva-14578908


Hattie is our new grandchild

who smiles and giggles

when I look at her

On every picture that I see

Hattie smiles at me

Some times when I am talking to her dad

she grabs the phone with joy

One day Hattie and me

will be in each other’s company

and I shall hug her happily

3 comments on “Fun Poems for my Grandchildren and others

  1. lizbardolph says:

    Those were lovely – thank you. Lots of love, Liz xx

    Sent from my iPad



  2. ailsa says:

    Dear Bob,

    How lovely, just what I needed today!

    with love, Ailsa


  3. Brigitte Murphy says:

    I love this poems for your grandchildren ! They make me smile. Grandchildren are a gift to us.


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