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Conversations with Ian: two poems on prayer

Dear Friends and followers of my blog,

Re Two poems
This reading of two poems on prayer emerged from a Whatsapp I sent to my friend Fr Ian. Fr Ian is mostly confined to his home in Simons Town because of his frailty. He was my second Rector when I was a young curate and a great friend and mentor of mine. This blog began when I sent him two poems on the subject of prayer that I had recently discovered and which I thought he would enjoy.

As you will hear, the subject of prayer was the focus of my Sunday homily. I was hoping that he might add to the development of the homily and talking it through with him was a good way for me to prepare for the Sunday. When I listened to what I had sent to him I was aware of a new quality in my voice. It is the quality and energy that emerges when you are talking to a friend, a particular person.

I invite you to overhear my chat with Fr Ian.

Stay well


Why Velvet Bridge? I think it is because of the distinctive texture of velvet. It has such a feel. A velvet bridge is a bridge of feeling, of empathy and compassion.
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