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Prayers for Pentecost

Dear friends and followers of my blog,
We are about to enter the Church’s season of Pentecost which celebrates the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit upon the first disciples, upon the church and upon the world.
May this be a special time for you in your work and projects in the service of humanity. May the the Holy Spirit continue to build you up and inspire you.
Kind regards

He breathed on them
St John 21:20-25
Jesus said again, “Peace be with you! As the Father sent me, so I send you”. Then he breathed on them, saying, “Receive the Holy Spirit!”

You gently, very gently breathed on the disciples
The breath that woke the creation out of chaos
That set the pulse of day and night on its course
That brought the peace of Eden,
The dawn of freedom,
And a reaching out for the tree of knowledge,
Which brought beauty and suffering,
And left us broken.

The disciples gently breathe in your spirit
And feel a peace of the first day
Awakening in them,
A new poetry coming
For a new day
That already has an ending
And a power like a wind,
Present everywhere,
To move us beyond faith and hope
Into the ocean of love

The Day of Pentecost
Acts 2: 1-13
We are all together in one place,
Though divided in our expectation,
Caught between waiting and irrelevance.

A driving wind breaks lose
Above our heads and a noise like a sea whirls
Through and over us until the whole house thunders
With the vibrations, as fire begins to tear through us
And flames leap into life like tongues
Bursting from the creation,
Then coming to rest
With a feminine gentleness
Upon each of us.

Something is bubbling and bursting in me,
Like the birthing of a new spirit,
Searching and finding a voice that cannot speak its praises
Fast enough, like a well springing into life,
Leaving me elated and babbling
In a language of sounds and sighs.

I am filled with new wine,
And am dancing in the market place
And speaking the tongue of love
As others come rushing towards me.

For those who would like to use the Prayer for Pentecost services

Prayers to the Holy Spirit

Voice of a gentle breeze,

As you came to Elijah,
Not in the earthquake,
Wind or raging fire,
But as the gentle breeze
Whispering in the heart.
So come to me,
Let me hear your voice within
And breathe your message of hope.

Holy Spirit of God

Holy Spirit of God
Coming so silently
Like the snow coming to the dark night
Like the morning breeze just touching the cheeks.
Giving life and beauty everywhere.
Coming in a way none can understand.
Coming to me
With tongues of flame
And Pentecostal fire.

Warm through the heart and mind of your Church
Let us feel your drum beat in our tired veins
Let our tongues taste and sing
The celebration of your presence.
Turn our eyes and hands
To the touch that will make the world whole again.

Holy Spirit of God
Descend into the furnace
Of the conflicts and violence of our times
The smouldering fields of human waste
Shift the spirals of our despair
And re-ignite us with flames of desire
For peace and justice.

Holy Spirit of God
Coming in the day time of our suffering
Come especially to the community
Of those who experience pain and suffering:
The baby born with Aids
The bereft child of our streets and homes
The life enslaved to drugs and alcohol
The victim of rape and gang violence
The one lost in the pain and disappointment of illness

Holy Spirit of God
May your peace dwell in our hearts
May your strength invigorate us
May your love be a fire in us
That processes pain and suffering
And leaps with joy for life.


One comment on “Prayers for Pentecost

  1. Paul Cannon says:

    Thanks Bob : appreciated.


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