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Black Voices Celebrating Who We Are

A good friend of mine, Trevor Ludski in Canada sent me this presentation on Black Voices Celebrating Who We Are. Trevor and I grew up in Woodstock, Cape Town and went to the same school, played baseball and enjoyed our good company of friends. He has spent most of his life in Canada and has been involved in education.

I was deeply moved by the creative and imaginative teaching journey that went into this presentation.

In February, Canada and the U.S.A. celebrate Black History. I am inviting you into the processes of the teaching and learning of Vincent Racanelli, a teacher and his grade I class ( six year olds), made up of many children of refugee families who made their home in Toronto.

I remember my own experience of the grades 1-3 at the schools where I was chaplain. I loved their enthusiasm and joy in learning and their love of stories. Observe how Vincent uses story to engage children as they reflect on important social issues, how it leads to discussion, letter writing, big ideas, dreaming and character building.

Vincent was happy for me to share the presentation with you and responded with

I give you permission to share my work with Bob and colleagues.

In 2004, I was fortunate to have visited South Africa, including Cape Town, Queenstown and Whittlesea. I was part of a ground breaking ceremony for a new grade school in Whittlesea. It was a very rewarding and moving experience for me. South Africa, including its people, land, and culture is so vibrant and beautiful. Hope one day I can return to this beautiful country.

Wishing you all the best.
Vince Racanelli

One comment on “Black Voices Celebrating Who We Are

  1. anncorry says:

    Very interesting and what an important thing to do! Thank you. Ann

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