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The Season of Creation

This is a Taize styled Meditation Service which I created for the Season of Creation which falls in the month of September and concludes on St Francis Day on 4 October. The original presentation was in PowerPoint and presented at a Zoom gathering a few weeks ago. About 30 people were present. I have transposed the presentation for this blog, which is more limited than PowerPoint and needs for you to click in the appropriate places – to move the slides along and to click on the chants.

The chants are simple and short and are sung over many times. They have the effect of creating an inner silence within us and help us to focus. I’m sure you will enjoy them. In this presentation they are repeated about 10 times. You need to resign yourself to their movement.

There is also a three minute Meditation on the Earth which I have adapted from a previous Season of Creation, and which I have used with young people. Do sing the chants as you catch the tune. No one will hear you. Say the prayers and reflections out loud especially the Benedicta South Africana.

The beautiful picture of the Family Tree is from the Brooksher Ballet School cf and the Dancing Christ image from

Meditation on the Earth, adapted from a previous Season of Creation

You will find all the Taize chants used in the presentation on YouTube. I was assisted in their presentation by Paddy Attwell and the Meditation Service was presented for the Sunday evening Erin Hall Community in Cape Town, the Western Cape. Images of the Heart and Rose Mandala is by Jane Commin

5 comments on “The Season of Creation

  1. rmashmwebcoza says:

    Wow Bob this is very beautiful indeed! Would you be willing to share the powerpoint? God bless Rachel


    1. bcommin says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Yes of course, feel free.



  2. Aneta Shaw says:

    Utterly beautiful Bob, thank you so much.


  3. Ayahelush Getahun says:

    Will share it with my two Yonas & Sishu and Fikre Menbere teacher of Bible and professor Yemane Ejigu of NYU .


  4. Trudy Laros says:

    Truly beautiful.

    God Bless



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