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Easter Tree Blessing

My Isolation Offering: I am open for mentoring, for conversations around pastoral concerns, life, grief, poetry, liturgy, art. There is no fee but a small donation or thank offering will help to foster the kind of interest you view on this blog. I am able to invite conversations on Zoom or Whatsapp and can help those people who are nervous about these programmes to use them. Should you wish to be in touch you can send an email to bcommin@

Easter tree Blessing

You may want to mime this prayer as a morning exercise

Every tree is a cross
Be a tree vibrating with blessing
Reach for the sky
With vision and purpose
Dance out your dream
Of a world where people are One
Stretch your branches out to touch
And embrace one another
Give shade to children and strangers
Give your fruit for feasting
And let the birds make music in your branches.
For you are rooted in Jesus
The risen Lord. Amen

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