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The road to Good Friday

The Washing
The washing
You move from person to person,
winding your way through the twelve.
You wash them and encircle them
binding them in your servant love.
Wind your way through us, Lord,
from person to person.
Let us feel the cleansing waters
on face
on hands
and feet.
Encircle us Lord with your protection
in this Upper Room,
as you bind us in your Servant Love.
Jesus your light is shining within us
Let not my doubts and my darkness speak to me
Jesus your light is shining within us
Let my heart always welcome your love

The illustrations are by Helen Siegl, world renown artist and author of Clip Art of the Old Testament and Clip Art: Block Prints for Sundays.

There are many roles you could give me Lord,
but let me play Peter.
Like him I can be weak and strong
and foolish all in a minute.
Adventurous enough to walk on water,
yet lacking in faith when I must forgive my neighbour.
Courageous enough to proclaim:
‘You are the Christ’,
but reluctant to follow you all the way to the Cross.
Imaginative enough to catch a vision of your glory
on the mountain top,
but so forgetful on the plain.
Like a rock in my defence of you,
so that I can raise my sword
and cut off the ear of the high-priest’s slave,
but ready to disappear at your arrest.
Bold enough to follow you
into the courtyard of the high-priest,
but weak enough to say:
‘I do not know the man.’
Presumptuous enough to proclaim:
‘I shall never desert you.’
Yet weak enough to find the disciples
and inform them,
that I, Peter denied you three times
and experienced your forgiveness.
There are many roles you could give me, Lord,
but let me play Peter.
God is forgiveness, learn to forgive and God will be with you
God is forgiveness, love and do not not fear.

Was this your special place Lord,
this Garden of Gethsemane?
A place to which you could escape,
to be alone, to pray, to walk.
A place where you could train your disciples,
explain the Scriptures to them,
plan the mission to towns and villages.
A place of refuge from the day’s work in Jerusalem,
with the pressure building up.
For a moment the air is calm,
then the little breezes in the trees,
then the soldiers.
The garden a wilderness of anxiety and fear.
The calm destroyed by Judas,
and his opposition to your plans.
You Lord, on your way to the Cross:
Judas on his way to disillusionment and death.
We seem unable to make our space a garden of peace,
where people can live in harmony, with self-respect.
Our ideologies divide our cities into rich and poor,
our townships become places of violence,
our homes, dwellings of strife.
Like Judas we lead soldiers into the garden.
We are intent on opposing you
on your journey of suffering Love.
We are intent on opposing
the wholeness you offer to bring us.
In you we see someone seeking only to do God’s will,
to be God’s instrument,
to be God’s servant on the way to the Cross.
Take me with you Lord, just a little down that road.
John 13:18-30; 18:2-9

Stay with me, remain here with me, watch and pray, watch and pray
We have no King but Caesar
We have no King but Caesar
You see how I vacillate Lord
when my life is in danger.
I should be shouting ‘Away with Caesar!’
You know how I hate the presence of these overlords,
who bring their foreign culture,
who militarise our streets,
who make us feel so inferior.
But when I’m threatened,
I must side-step the Truth.
I must chant and dance with the crowd
‘We have no King but Caesar.”
if I declared myself openly for you Lord,
what would it mean?
Down which insecure alley will you lead me?
I see the Caspirs in the street,
the crowd moving away from me.
I see the inside of a courtroom,
the place of execution,
the loneliness of a person on his way to the Cross.
And I don’t want to share that loneliness.
In the business meeting,
the student controversy,
the family discussion,
the ratepayers’ gathering,
the classroom decision.
I move to the crowd, and cry…
‘We have no King but Caesar.’
John 19:1-30
The Kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,
Come Lord, and open in us the gate of your kingdom.
Good Friday
Good Friday
It’s easy to build a Cross, Lord.
Two pieces of wood, some nails
and fifteen minutes at a bench.
It doesn’t take me long to
find someone to put on the Cross.
Some poor vulnerable innocent
A spectacle for my friends and I
to mockingly crucify.
it’s far more difficult for me
to build houses for needy people.
It’s far more difficult for me
to paint a picture, creating something
of beauty.
It’s far more difficult for me
to create a sense of community
in my neighbourhood.
It’s far more difficult for me
to be a good committed parent
to my children.
It’s far more difficult for me
to feed the hungry or fight for justice.
It’s so much easier for me
to be destructive,
to build a Cross
or to close my eyes and
never become involved,
to sit back and watch the television.
It’s far too difficult for me to Love.
Lord, stretched out on the Cross for me
stretch me to life and to Love.

Benissez Le Seigneur
Bless the Lord
The Servant
The servant
When he came to Simon Peter, Peter said to Him,
‘You, Lord, washing my feet?’
Christ, always coming down.
From the right hand of the Father
to the home of Joseph and Mary.
From the mount of Transfiguration
to the politics of the plain.
Christ, always coming down.
From the Sermon on the Mount
to untouchable lepers.
From the worship of the temple
to the village synagogue.
Christ, always coming down.
From the company of Pharisees
to eating with publicans and sinners
From the discussion with rabbis
to friendship with fishermen.
Christ, always coming down.
From a mission to Israel
to a Syrophoenician woman.
From the road to Jerusalem
to a blind Bartimaeus.
Christ, always coming down.
From the garden of solitude
to a crowded courtroom.
From the head of the table
to wash our feet on the floor.
Christ, always coming down.
From the future of humanity
to the present moment.
From the right hand of the Father
to be the servant Lord for me.
John 13:1-6
In the Lord I will be ever thankful,
In the Lord I will rejoice
Look to God do not be afraid
Lift up your voices the Lord is here
Good Friday Blessing
Good Friday Blessing
There is a darkness
descending upon our world
But deep within a tomb
a womb of the earth
a light glows with intensity.
It is the light of our Salvation
consuming the darkness.
And so, may the blessing of God Almighty
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
be with you always.

Final Chant

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